City Pound

The Tagbilaran City Pound is a heartbreaking place. Dogs caught from various parts of the city are impounded here for three to five days until they are killed by the City Veterinarian. During this time, the dogs are not given food, water or medical attention. This is where we come in. We provide food and water to the dogs and clean the cages. Many of the first residents of the BARK shelter were rescued from the City Pound. Although we are not able to save the lives of all of these animals, we endeavour to lessen their suffering as much as possible while we can. 

We believe strongly that humane dog population management is the only way to successfully end the cycle of suffering of stray dogs and dogs owned by irresponsible owners. As long as there are dogs who are reproducing uncontrollably, the cruel culling at places such as the City Pound will continue.

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