Dogs of Alona

Dogs of Alona was started for the dogs that live on and around Alona Beach, Panglao, in September 2016. By December 2016, we had achieved stray population stasis by spaying all the female dogs on the beach. Since then, we have expanded the project to some areas of Barangay Bolod, Barangay Danao, and Dumaluan Beach. The project is conducted with the support of the Municipality of Panglao, the Municipal Agriculture Office, and the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian to achieve stray dog population control around tourist areas through humane and lasting solutions.

With the project, we hoped to share a more personal face of the “stray problem”. Every individual animal has its own story, personality, quirks, and dreams (even if they are only of sausages). These community dogs are fed daily and treated for any medical problems. They are registered, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. Some have local owners and others call tourists and beach workers their family. They are our ambassadors of animal birth control and responsible animal stewardship.

When you visit the beautiful beaches of Alona and Danao, you may see one or two of them when you settle down for lunch and dinner. Just a hint, they like meat, but not too salty, please! The beach dogs share their playful and joyful nature with everyone who will open their hearts to them. You may only have a second or two to spare, but a quick pat will always be appreciated.

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