How much is that pupper?

Most of the puppies come into our care in poor health. We start with deworming and mange treatment. A typical puppy from the street will have to be dewormed three times and given two mange injections. Then there are vaccinations, and finally spaying or neutering. During this time of course, we will have to feed and house them!

Just like with bringing up a human child, taking care of puppers and little mings are a heavy drain on our finances. So, how much does it actually cost when we rescue a puppy?

The total costs of bringing up a little dog rescued from the street over four months is something like this:

Item x times Unit cost Total cost
Food per month 4 300 1,200
Deworming 3 150 450
Mange treatment 2 300 600
5-in-1 vaccine 4 450 1,800
Rabies vaccine 2 280 560
Kennel cough vaccine 2 500 1,000
Spay/neuter 1 5000 5,000
TOTAL: 10,610

We currently have 17 puppies and 10 kittens in our care. Please help us get them all healthy and adoptable and into forever homes by donating to our anak-anak fund!

“Anak-anak” fund

₱100,900 of ₱150,000 raised
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Donation Total: ₱100

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