Take an aspin home

Danky was once a resident of Panglao Island and now travels the world with her owners. Danky was a street dog when we met her two years ago and today she is still by our side. She has been to ten countries including Europe & the America’s. Keeping Danky was the best decision we have ever made.

Aspins are the best dogs in the world and make fantastic pets. They are known to be very healthy with minimal health problems, highly intelligent, easily trained and incredibly loyal. Aspins are quiet and cuddly indoors but energetic and playful outdoors making them easy going dogs (compared to most breeds).

Danky as a puppy in Panglao

Most think travelling with a dog is difficult, especially is they are in the Philippines. But the process is very simple and will only take four months to get all the documents prepared. The requirements to bring your Filipino dog to Europe are

  1. European microchip
  2. Rabies shot (and other required vaccinations)

We highly recommend travelling to Cebu with your dog to get the process started. We went to Animal Wellness Veterinary Clinic in Cebu, they are experienced in this process and will talk with you and help you sort everything out. The vets in Bohol are good, but do not have the resources to organise pets for travel internationally. They cannot send the titter test abroad and do not have European microchips.

Danky on the road with her family

To get to Cebu with your pet, you have to pay a small fee to take the dog on the ferry. You will need to obtain a travel permit before you leave to Cebu but it is free and next door to the ferry terminal. To obtain a travel permit you will need to get rabies shot at a vet in Panglao, and then you will get another shot in Cebu after the microchip goes in. Don’t worry; the extra shot won’t hurt your dog. Between 1-10 days before travel, you will go to the vet and get a health certificate stating your dog is fit to travel, as well as the exit permit (free at the ferry terminal).

One month after the microchip and rabies shot, you will need to return with your dog to get a titter test completed and sent off. A titter test will count the anti-bodies in your dog’s blood. The blood sample will be sent to the USA (as there are no laboratories for this in Asia) and you will wait three months for the results. Once you have the results (by pick up in Cebu or mail to Panglao), you are free to leave! Remember, you must leave the country via Manila. You will need to get another exit permit in Manila before you leave (free at the airport).

All ready to travel!

If you have fallen in love with a Filipino dog while living or travelling in Panglao you don’t need to leave it behind! It is a very simple and easy process. And once you have gone through the process once and keep up to date with the rabies shot, you can travel with your dog whenever you like! Which means you can bring your Aspin to Europe for summer and even back to Panglao easily!

Danky in Turkey

To see what Danky is up to, follow her on Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/dankythedog

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If you need any more information about traveling with a dog out of the Philippines please contact us.

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