We welcome long-term and short-term volunteers for our many areas of work.
Unlimited dog patting and sloppy kisses included!

The BARK shelter & the City Pound (Tagbilaran)

Help us feed the dogs impounded in the Tagbilaran City Pound. You may also join us in the care of the dogs in our rescue shelter — join us on special bath days or simply come and help us with daily shelter maintenance duties.


We receive many reports of sick and abandoned animals and are unable to provide care space for all of them. Fosters are a great help in allowing us to rescue lives and bridge the gap while we search for permanent arrangements for these animals.

Volunteer Driver

Our organisation does not have its own vehicle, and we rely greatly on volunteers to help us transport animals, especially during mass spay/neuter events. Please register with us if you think you may be able to volunteer your time and vehicle sometimes.

Volunteer Form

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